Want to look good on the dance floor at your wedding reception?

We've helped many couples prepare for their wedding dance. We are confident that we can make you feel much more comfortable on the dance floor before your wedding date.

Can you teach us to dance to our own song?

Absolutely! We can usually tell you right away what dance your selection will best fit. Otherwise, bring a recording with you to your first lesson. We'll be able to tell you what type of dance you need to learn.

We haven't picked a song yet. Can you help us do that?

We have a library of about 3,000 songs, many of which are suitable as a first dance at a wedding reception. We'll be happy to introduce you to several types of dances that are typical wedding dances.

Private lessons are available at Gallery J under the J Street twinkling stars. Call 407-558-4901 or e-mail us at:

Helen & Jason Frost

Jason and Helen have been teaching
Ballroom dance for 20 years, helping novice dancers
fulfill their dreams. They have choreographed hundreds of weddings with a wide array of musical styles from Bride/Groom dances to full wedding party presentations.
Dancing under the stars! ...at Gallery J
FL State Registered DS544